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拉森火山位于其同名国家公园内。这座火山是加利福尼亚州矿物城附近的一个高威胁活跃巨人,位于雷丁以东的塞拉山脉。 20世纪初在拉森的一次火山喷发导致了第一座USGS火山观测站的建立。该公园是罕见的内华达山脉红狐狸的家园,游客可以看到几个活跃和危险的热液区,如温泉,硫磺工厂,沸腾的泥盆和蒸汽喷口。 Pinnacles是一个死火山公园,位于加利福尼亚州南部的蒙特雷以东。这里的火山最后一次活跃在2300万年前。火山场宽30英里,穿过圣安德​​烈亚斯断层,周围的景观包括草原,丛林,橡树林和峡谷底部。有三个洞穴偶尔向公众开放:熊,峡谷和阳台。 Pinnacles拥有400种不同的鸟类,包括草原和游隼,金雕和加州秃鹰。 Pinnacles的洞穴为Townsend大耳蝙蝠和红腿青蛙提供了庇护。


Lassen Volcano is located in its national park of the same name. The volcano is a high-threat active giant near the Mineral City of California, located in the Sierra Mountains to the east of Reading. A volcanic eruption in Lassen in the early 20th century led to the establishment of the first USGS volcano observatory. The park is home to the rare red foxes of the Sierra Nevada, where visitors can see several active and dangerous hydrothermal areas such as hot springs, sulfur plants, boiling mud pots and steam vents. Pinnacles is an extinct volcanic park located east of Monterrey in southern California. The volcano here was last active 23 million years ago. The volcanic field is 30 miles wide and passes through the San Andreas fault, and the surrounding landscape includes grasslands, jungles, oak forests and the bottom of the canyon. There are three caves that are occasionally open to the public: bears, canyons and balconies. Pinnacles has 400 different species of birds, including grasslands and cruising, gold carvings and California vultures. Pinnacles’ caves provide shelter for the Townsend big-eared bat and red-legged frog.