Middens有时是其他形式行为的间接证据来源。例如,考古学家Todd Braje和Jon Erlandson(2007)对海峡群岛的鲍鱼进行了比较,比较了历史时期中国渔民收集的黑鲍鱼和古代时期Chumash渔民在6400年前采集的红鲍鱼。比较突出了相同行为的不同目的:Chumash专门收获和加工各种食用食品,重点是鲍鱼;而中国人只对鲍鱼感兴趣。由考古学家Amira Ainis(2014)领导的另一项海峡岛研究寻找使用海藻的证据。像海带这样的海藻对史前人非常有用,用于制作绳索,蚊帐,垫子和篮筐,以及用于蒸制食物的可食用包装 – 事实上,它们是海带公路假设的基础,被认为是美洲第一批殖民者的主要食物来源。不幸的是,海带不能很好地保存。这些研究人员在midden发现了一些微小的腹足动物,这些腹足动物以海带为生,并利用它们来支持海藻被捕获的论点。位于格陵兰西部Qajaa遗址的Paleo-Eskimo midden由永久冻土保存。由考古学家Bo Elberling及其同事(2011年)对其进行的研究表明,就热量特性(如热量产生,氧气消耗和一氧化碳产生)而言,Qajaa厨房中间产生的热量是泥炭中天然沉积物的四到七倍。


Middens is sometimes a source of indirect evidence of other forms of behavior. For example, archaeologists Todd Braje and Jon Erlandson (2007) compared the abalones of the Channel Islands, comparing the black abalone collected by Chinese fishermen during the historical period with the red abalone collected by the Chumash fishermen of ancient times 6400 years ago. The different purposes of the same behavior are highlighted: Chumash specializes in harvesting and processing a variety of foods, with a focus on abalone; the Chinese are only interested in abalone. Another Channel Island study led by archaeologist Amira Ainis (2014) sought evidence of the use of seaweed. Seaweeds like kelp are very useful for prehistoric people, making ropes, mosquito nets, mats and baskets, and edible packaging for steaming foods – in fact, they are the basis of the kelp road hypothesis and are considered to be the Americas The main source of food for a group of colonists. Unfortunately, kelp is not well preserved. The researchers found tiny gastropods in the midden that feed on kelp and use them to support the idea that seaweed is captured. The Paleo-Eskimo midden, located in the Qajaa ruins in western Greenland, is preserved in permafrost. Studies conducted by archaeologist Bo Elberling and colleagues (2011) have shown that in terms of thermal properties (such as heat generation, oxygen consumption and carbon monoxide production), the heat generated in the Qajaa kitchen is naturally deposited in peat. Four to seven times.


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