Chuck Berry的音乐对几乎所有60年代,70年代及以后的重要摇滚艺术家都有重大影响。他将自己的音乐集中在吉他上,将R&B和乡村音乐的影响融入到新的东西中。他对快速汽车,舞蹈和青少年生活歌词的描述超越了主流流行音乐中的典型情歌,成为摇滚乐的共同主题。甲壳虫乐队录制了“摇滚音乐”,“翻身贝多芬”和“孟菲斯”的封面版本。滚石乐队报道了多首Chuck Berry歌曲。 1976年,海滩男孩将Chuck Berry的歌曲“Rock and Roll Music”带入了流行音乐前10名。“贝多芬翻唱”的八分钟改编包括贝多芬交响乐团的材料,将电灯管弦乐队推向了美国的流行音乐排行榜。 Chuck Berry的表演,包括他在演奏吉他时的标志性“鸭子漫步”,影响了几代表演者,从R&B的James Brown到滚石乐队的Keith Richards等吉他手。贝瑞说,当他跪下弯腰弯腰走到桌子底下,头部直立以取回一个球时,他第一次做了鸭子走路。 1977年,美国国家航空航天局选择了查克·贝瑞(Chuck Berry)录制的“约翰尼·B·古德”(Johnny B. Goode),作为“旅行者1”号航天器号上黄金唱片中的四首歌曲之一。它旨在代表可能找到航天器的任何其他外星生命的人类生命的多样性。 Berry于1984年获得终身成就格莱美奖。他是1986年入选摇滚名人堂的首批音乐家之一。滚石乐队将他评为有史以来五大唱片艺术家之一,并获得肯尼迪中心奖。荣誉2000年。


Chuck Berry’s music has had a major impact on almost all of the important rock artists of the 1960s, 1970s and beyond. He concentrated his music on the guitar and incorporated the influence of R&B and country music into new things. His description of fast cars, dance and teen life lyrics transcends the typical love songs of mainstream pop music and becomes a common theme of rock music. The Beatles recorded the cover versions of “Rock Music”, “Turning Beethoven” and “Memphis”. The Rolling Stones reported several Chuck Berry songs. In 1976, the beach boy brought Chuck Berry’s song “Rock and Roll Music” to the top 10 pop music. The eight-minute adaptation of “Beethoven Cover” includes the Beethoven Symphony Orchestra’s materials, and the electric light orchestra is pushed to the American pop music charts. Chuck Berry’s performances, including his iconic “Duck Walk” while playing guitar, influenced several performers, from James Brown of R&B to Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. Berry said that when he bent down and bent down to the bottom of the table, his head erected to retrieve a ball, he made the duck walk for the first time. In 1977, NASA chose Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” as the “Voice 1” spacecraft on the gold record. One of the four songs in the middle. It is intended to represent the diversity of human life in any other alien life that may find spacecraft. Berry received the Grammy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1984. He was one of the first musicians to be selected in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986. The Rolling Stones named him one of the top five record artists of all time and won the Kennedy Center Award. Honor 2000.


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