Hyperthymesia似乎是一种非凡的技能 – 毕竟,永远不会忘记某人的生日或周年纪念日会不会很棒?然而,研究人员发现,亢进也可能存在缺点。因为人们的记忆如此强烈,过去的负面事件会极大地影响他们。正如患有亢进症的Nicole Donohue向BBC Future解释的那样,“你会感受到同样的情绪 – 当记住一段糟糕的记忆时,它就像新鲜一样”。然而,正如Louise Owen向60分钟所解释的那样,她的亢奋也可能是积极的,因为它鼓励她每天都能充分利用:“因为我知道我会记住今天发生的一切,就好了,好吧,什么可以我今天做的很重要吗?我能做些什么才能让今天脱颖而出?“虽然我们可能不是都能够培养出患有亢进症的人的记忆能力,但我们可以做很多事情来改善我们的记忆,例如锻炼,确保我们有充足的睡眠,重复我们想要记住的事情。重要的是,超常症的存在向我们表明,人类记忆的能力远比我们想象的要广泛得多。正如McGaugh告诉60分钟,发现亢进可能是记忆研究的“新篇章”。


Hyperthymesia seems to be an extraordinary skill – after all, will never forget someone’s birthday or anniversary will be great? However, the researchers found that hyperthyroidism may also have shortcomings. Because people’s memories are so strong, past negative events can greatly affect them. As Nicole Donohue with hyperthyroidism explained to BBC Future, “You will feel the same emotions – when you remember a bad memory, it is like fresh.” However, as Louise Owen explained to 60 minutes, her excitement may also be positive because it encourages her to make full use of it every day: “Because I know that I will remember everything that happened today, just fine, good. Well, what can I do today is important? What can I do to make today stand out? “Although we may not be able to develop the memory of people with hyperthyroidism, we can do a lot to improve us. Memory, such as exercise, ensures that we have enough sleep and repeat what we want to remember. Importantly, the existence of a supernormality shows us that the ability of human memory is much broader than we think. As McGaugh told 60 minutes, it was discovered that hyperactivity may be a “new chapter” in memory research.


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