ActiveX是Microsoft针对可重用软件组件的规范。 ActiveX基于COM,即组件对象模型。基本思想是准确定义软件组件如何交互和互操作,以便开发人员可以创建使用该定义协同工作的组件。 ActiveX组件最初称为OLE服务器和ActiveX服务器,这种重命名(实际上是出于营销而非技术原因)已经造成了很多关于它们的混淆。许多语言和应用程序以某种方式支持ActiveX,Visual Basic非常支持它,因为它是Win32环境的基石之一。注意:Dan Appleman在他关于VB.NET的书中说到了ActiveX,“(某些)产品来自营销部门……什么是ActiveX?它是OLE2 – 带有一个新名称。”注意2:虽然VB.NET与ActiveX组件兼容,但它们必须包含在“包装器”代码中,它们使VB.NET效率降低。一般来说,如果你可以用VB.NET离开它们,那么这样做是个好主意。

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ActiveX is Microsoft’s specification for reusable software components. ActiveX is based on COM, the Component Object Model. The basic idea is to define exactly how software components interact and interoperate so developers can create components that work together using the definition. ActiveX components were originally called OLE Servers and ActiveX Servers and this renaming (actually for marketing rather than technical reasons) has created a lot of confusion about what they are. A lot of languages and applications support ActiveX in some way or another and Visual Basic supports it very strongly since it’s one of the cornerstones of the Win32 environment. Note: Dan Appleman, in his book on VB.NET, has this to say about ActiveX, “(Some) products come out of the marketing department…. What was ActiveX? It was OLE2 — with a new name.” Note 2: Although VB.NET is compatible with ActiveX components, they must be enclosed in “wrapper” code and they make VB.NET less efficient. In general, if you can move away from them with VB.NET, it’s a good idea to do that.


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