Genie的两个父母都被指控虐待,但Genie的70岁父亲在他应该出庭的那天自杀。他留下的笔记说:“世界永远不会理解。”Genie的案例引起了媒体的关注以及研究界的极大兴趣,研究界认为这是一个难得的机会,可以发现Genie在严重剥夺后是否有可能在精神上发展。 。研究人员绝不会故意以道德为由对人进行剥夺实验。所以,Genie的悲惨案例已经成熟了。 Genie不是孩子的真名,而是为了保护她的隐私而给予案件的名称。国家心理健康研究所(NIMH)为研究提供资金,并组建了一个团队,其目标是恢复和研究Genie的进步。 Genie很快就学会了基本的社交技巧,如使用厕所和自己穿衣服。她对自己的环境很着迷,并会对此进行深入研究。她特别喜欢去医院外的地方。她在非语言交流方面很有才华,但她使用语言的能力并没有迅速进行。因此,心理学家David Rigler决定将研究重点放在Genie的语言习得上。


Genie’s two parents were accused of ill-treatment, but Genie’s 70-year-old father committed suicide on the day he should appear in court. The notes he left said: “The world will never understand.” Genie’s case has aroused the attention of the media and the great interest of the research community. The research community believes that this is a rare opportunity to discover whether Genie has been severely deprived. May develop mentally. . Researchers will never deliberately deprive people of their experiments on the grounds of morality. Therefore, Genie’s tragic case has matured. Genie is not the child’s real name, but the name given to the case to protect her privacy. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) funded research and formed a team whose goal was to restore and study Genie’s progress. Genie quickly learned basic social skills, such as using the toilet and dressing himself. She is fascinated by her environment and will conduct an in-depth study of this. She especially likes to go outside the hospital. She is very talented in non-verbal communication, but her ability to use language has not been rapid. Therefore, psychologist David Rigler decided to focus his research on Genie’s language acquisition.


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