GarcíaMárquez于1958年与Mercedes Barcha Pardo结婚,他们有两个孩子:Rodrigo,1959年出生,现在是美国的电视和电影导演,Gonzalo,1962年出生于墨西哥城,现为平面设计师。加西亚·马尔克斯(GarcíaMárquez)从墨西哥城开车到阿卡普尔科(Acapulco)时得到了他最着名作品的想法。为了得到它,他囤积了18个月,而他的家庭负债12,000美元,但最后,他有1300页的手稿。第一个西班牙语版本在一周内销售一空,在接下来的30年里,它已售出超过2500万份,并已被翻译成30多种语言。情节设在马孔多(Macondo),这是一个以他自己的家乡阿拉卡塔卡(Aracataca)为基础的小镇,其传奇故事讲述了JoséArcadioBuendía和他的妻子Ursula以及他们创立的城市的五代后裔。 JoséArcadioBuendía以GarcíaMárquez自己的祖父为基础。故事中的事件包括失眠的瘟疫,变老的鬼魂,喝热巧克力时漂浮的牧师,洗衣时上升到天堂的女人,以及持续4年,11周和2天的雨。在1970年的英文版评论中,“纽约时报”的罗伯特·凯利表示这是一部小说“如此充满幽默,丰富的细节和惊人的扭曲,让人联想起威廉·福克纳和君特·格拉斯的最佳作品。”


García Márquez married Mercedes Barcha Pardo in 1958. They have two children: Rodrigo, born in 1959, now a television and film director in the United States, Gonzalo, born in Mexico City in 1962 and now a graphic designer. García Márquez got his most famous work when he drove from Mexico City to Acapulco. In order to get it, he hoarded for 18 months, while his family had a debt of $12,000, but in the end he had a 1,300-page manuscript. The first Spanish version sold out in a week, and in the next 30 years it sold more than 25 million copies and has been translated into more than 30 languages. The plot is based in Macondo, a small town based on his own hometown of Aracataca, with legends about José Arcadio Buendía and his wife Ursula and the five generations of the city they founded. . JoséArcadioBuendía is based on García Márquez’s own grandfather. The stories in the story include the plague of insomnia, the aging ghost, the priest floating while drinking hot chocolate, the woman who rose to heaven when washing, and the rain that lasted for 4 years, 11 weeks and 2 days. In the 1970 English commentary, Robert Kelly of the New York Times said it was a novel “so full of humor, rich details and amazing distortions, reminiscent of William Faulkner and Günter Gera.” The best work of Sri Lanka.”


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