Python是一种通用编程语言,可用于任何现代计算机操作系统。它可以用于处理文本,数字,图像,科学数据,以及您可能在计算机上保存的任何其他内容。它每天在Google搜索引擎,视频共享网站YouTube,NASA和纽约证券交易所的运营中使用。这些只是Python在商业,政府和非营利组织成功中扮演重要角色的少数几个地方;还有很多其他的。 Python是一种解释型语言。这意味着它在程序运行之前并未在运行时转换为计算机可读代码。过去,这种类型的语言被称为脚本语言,暗示它的使用是为了简单的任务。然而,像Python这样的编程语言已经迫使这个术语发生了变化。越来越多的大型应用程序几乎都是用Python编写的。


Python is a general-purpose programming language that can be used on any modern computer operating system. It can be used for processing text, numbers, images, scientific data and just about anything else you might save on a computer. It is used daily in the operations of the Google search engine, the video-sharing website YouTube, NASA and the New York Stock Exchange. These are but a few of the places where Python plays important roles in the success of the business, government, and non-profit organizations; there are many others. Python is an interpreted language. This means that it is not converted to computer-readable code before the program is run but at runtime. In the past, this type of language was called a scripting language, intimating its use was for trivial tasks. However, programming languages such as Python have forced a change in that nomenclature. Increasingly, large applications are written almost exclusively in Python.



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