Dugua和Champlain于1604年抵达,16年前英国朝圣者降落在普利茅斯岩石上。 1613年,法国耶稣会神职人员在沙漠岛上建立了美国的第一个任务,但他们的堡垒被英国人摧毁。因为阿卡迪亚的海岸很年轻 – 海岸只是在15000年前雕刻出来的 – 海滩是由鹅卵石制成的,除了沙滩。今天,岛上覆盖着北方(云杉)和东方落叶(橡树,枫树,山毛榉,其他硬木)森林。公园内的冰川特色包括宽阔的U形山谷,冰川错误,水壶池塘以及类似峡湾的Somes Sound,这是美国大西洋沿岸唯一的特色。 Katahdin Woods和沃特世国家纪念碑是一个新的国家公园,是缅因州北部森林的一部分,靠近阿巴拉契亚国家风景步道的北部小道尽头。占地87,500英亩的土地被Burt’s Bees的创新者Roxanne Quimby收购,后者将其捐赠给美国,以及2000万美元的捐赠基金以保护公园的自然资源。 Quimby的非营利基金会Elliotsville Plantation,Inc。承诺额外支持2000万美元的纪念碑。美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马于2016年8月创建了该公园,但在2017年4月,唐纳德·特朗普总统发布了一份行政命令,审查所有超过10万英亩的国家古迹,包括卡塔丁·伍兹。


Dugua and Champlain arrived in 1604, and 16 years ago British pilgrims landed on the rocks of Plymouth. In 1613, the French Jesuit clerics established the first mission of the United States on the desert island, but their fortress was destroyed by the British. Because the coast of Arcadia is very young – the coast was carved only 15,000 years ago – the beach is made of cobblestones, except for the beach. Today, the island is covered with forests of the north (spruce) and oriental leaves (oak, maple, beech, other hardwood). Glacier features in the park include the wide U-shaped valley, glaciers, kettle ponds and Somes Sound like the fjord, which is the only feature of the Atlantic coast of the United States. Katahdin Woods and the Waters National Monument are a new national park that is part of the northern Maine forest, near the end of the northern trail of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. The 87,500-acre site was acquired by Burt’s Bees innovator Roxanne Quimby, who donated it to the United States and a $20 million endowment fund to protect the park’s natural resources. Quimby’s non-profit foundation Elliotsville Plantation, Inc. Committed to an additional $20 million monument. US President Barack Obama founded the park in August 2016, but in April 2017, President Donald Trump issued an executive order to review all of the more than 100,000 acres of national monuments, including Katadine. · Woods.


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