Stettheimer早年在德国上学,但经常回到纽约市参加艺术学生联盟的课程。她在1914年第一次世界大战开始之前搬回了纽约,并在Beaux-Arts大楼的布莱恩特公园附近工作。她与当时艺术界的许多推动者和震撼者成为了亲密的朋友,包括Dada的父亲(和R. Mutt的喷泉的创造者),Marcel Duchamp,他向Stettheimer姐妹教授法语。 Stettheimer姐妹所保留的公司非常有创意。经常光顾Alwyn Court(第58街和第7大道的Stettheimer家)的许多男性和女性都是艺术家和前卫艺术家的成员。频繁的访客包括Romaine Brooks,Marsden Hartley,Georgia O’Keefe和Carl Van Vechten。 Stettheimer的政治和态度明显是自由主义的。她在二十多岁时参加了法国早期的女权主义者会议,并没有因舞台上性欲的描述而感到畏缩,并且是艾尔史密斯的热心支持者,她赞成女性的投票权。她也是富兰克林·德拉诺·罗斯福新政的直言不讳的支持者,使其成为着名的华尔街大教堂(1939年)的核心,现在在大都会艺术博物馆。她收集了乔治·华盛顿的纪念品并称他为“我收集的唯一男人。”尽管她在欧洲度过了一段时间,但是Stettheimer对她祖国的热爱在她选择代表旗帜的喜庆场景中显而易见。


Stettheimer went to school in Germany in his early years, but often returned to New York City to take courses in the Art Students League. She moved back to New York before the start of the First World War in 1914 and worked near Bryant Park in the Beaux-Arts building. She became a close friend with many promoters and shockers of the art world at the time, including Dada’s father (and the creator of R. Mutt’s fountain), Marcel Duchamp, who taught French to the Stettheimer sisters. The company retained by the Stettheimer sisters is very creative. Many men and women who frequent the Alwyn Court (Stettheimer’s home on 58th Street and 7th Avenue) are members of artists and avant-garde artists. Frequent visitors include Romaine Brooks, Marsden Hartley, Georgia O’Keefe and Carl Van Vechten. Stettheimer’s politics and attitude are clearly liberal. She participated in the early feminist conference in France in her twenties. She did not cringe because of the description of sexual desire on the stage, and was an enthusiastic supporter of Al Smith. She favored women’s voting rights. She is also the outspoken supporter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, making it the heart of the famous Wall Street Cathedral (1939), now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She collected the souvenir from George Washington and called him “the only man I collected.” Although she spent some time in Europe, Stettheimer’s love for her country was evident in the festive scene she chose to represent the flag.


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